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M1 Pro 7″ LCD Bubble Removing Machine built-in Compressor


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M1 Pro 7″ LCD Bubble Removing Machine built-in Compressor


4 in stock

The M1 Pro multi-purpose 7-inch autoclave bubble remover has an upgraded design, a built-in high-efficiency compressor, and a new 0.1-0.7MPa pressure regulating control valve. In addition to using LCD glass to remove bubbles, it can also use a hydrogel film to remove bubbles.

Note: Using the built-in compressor will produce loud noise, this is normal



  1. High-quality aluminum hyperbaric chamber
  2. One-key bubble removal function
  3. Built-in compressor defoaming function
  4. External compressor defoaming function
  5. Pressure regulation function, support external compressor
  6. Support hydrogel film defoaming, LCD defoaming, etc.



  • Operating Voltage: AC220V/ AC110V
  • Standard power: 300w
  • Defoaming method: air pressure
  • Air supply: built-in or external air compressor
  • Working environment: 30-35 ℃
  • Efficiency: 30 seconds per piece, with frame 60 seconds per piece
  • Applicable size: up to 7 inches
  • Equipment size: 350 * 180 * 88 mm
  • Equipment weight: 6.5kg


Packing list:

  • 1 x M1 Pro main unit
  • 1 x M1 sheet metal
  • 1 x Windpipe
  • 1 x Seals
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Weight 6.5 kg
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