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Mechanic IR-14 Glue Remover Motor

  • LED Dust LAmp
  • Motor Forward
  • Motor Reversal
  • Digital Display Gear
  • Charging completed
  • Charge Display
  • Type-C charging Input
  • 4 Gears to Adjust the screen

Rs.998.00 Rs.1,399.00

Mechanic IR-14 Glue Remover Motor

The IR-14 Glue Remover Motor is a powerful mechanical device designed specifically for removing glue and adhesive residues. With its advanced technology, the IR-14 effectively dissolves and eliminates touch glues from various surfaces. This motor features a high-speed rotation mechanism combined with specialized solvent application, ensuring efficient and precise glue removal. Whether you’re dealing with sticky residues on metal, glass, or plastic, the IR-14 Glue Remover Motor offers a reliable solution to restore surfaces to their original condition.

Weight 0.350 kg
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 5 cm
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