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LiuLon LL-2024 3in1 Separator + Bubble Remover With Internal Air Compressor

  • Liulon  LL-2024 3in1+
  • SS Mattel  Full Body.
  • 3 In 1 Combined Machine
  • 1st Time In Indian Market
  • Separator, Bubble Remover, Compressor All combined
  • Bubble Remover Separator Operating System
  • External Compressor Connection Option
  • 2 Heating Element In Separator Homo-Plate
  • Full-Coper HomoPlate In Single Piece
  • Latest Operating Plc in Bubble Remover and Separator
  • Easy to Use And User-Friendly Operating System
  • Full Automatic Machine
  • Auto-Saner In Bubble Locking System
  • Power cable, base mold & Separator Rubber
  • 1-Year Warranty (6+6)
  • 2 -Year service Support


LiuLon LL-2024 3in1 Separator + Bubble Remover With Internal Air Compressor


1. This device uses PTC-imported material heating pads, which have fast heating speed and long service life
2. Pneumatic components use original imported accessories from Yadeke, which have good airtightness and are not easily damaged.
3. The aluminum plate is heated and separated, and the appearance is treated with anodic electroplating technology, which is timeless and not easy to oxidize.
4. The defoaming sensing cabin door must be closed to the desired position before activating the defoaming function, ensuring safety and peace of mind
5. If the temperature of the separator exceeds 150 ?, the buzzer will sound an alarm
6. The electronic pressure adjustment of the defoaming machine is more convenient, accurate, and intuitive.

  1. Screen Separator: This device is used to separate the display or screen assembly from the body of a mobile phone, especially when replacing a damaged screen. It may utilize heat or other techniques to loosen the adhesive bonding the screen to the device.
  2. Bubble Remover: After installing a new screen, air bubbles can form between the screen and the device. The bubble remover function likely helps in eliminating or reducing these air bubbles to ensure a smooth and proper adhesion of the screen.
  3. 3-in-1 Functionality: The device integrates multiple functions into one unit, combining screen separation, bubble removal, and potentially other features in a single tool.
  4. Mobile Phone Repair: It is commonly used by mobile phone repair technicians or refurbishing centers to facilitate the safe removal and replacement of smartphone screens without damaging the delicate components.
  5. Precision and Efficiency: These devices are designed to offer precision in separating screens and removing bubbles, ensuring the integrity of the screen assembly and improving the aesthetic quality of the repair.
  6. Operation and Safety: Specific operating instructions, safety precautions, and techniques are typically required when using such equipment to avoid damaging the phone or causing injury.

Scope of use :-

1. This device can be used for splitting mobile phone screens. The size of the screen-splitting platform is 110 * 185mm and can be used on phones below 8 inches.
2. It can be used for preheating mobile phone batteries before disassembly, with a preheating temperature range of 50-130
3. Can be used for defoaming on mobile phone screens, defoaming size: 185 * 90 * 40mm, defoaming temperature setting: 0-80
4. Equipped with a built-in vacuum pump for vacuum adsorption on mobile phone screens, with separate control of temperature and suction.
5. Built-in air compressor. Used for defoaming machine, machine electronic pressure regulation, pressure range: 0.2-0.8MPA
6. An external air compressor interface can be used to supply air to the bubble chamber of this equipment.

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Weight 7.0 kg
Dimensions 35 × 28 × 20 cm
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