Relife RL-007GA Dot Repairing Soldering Lug

  • Alloy: 20/80
  • Diameter: 0.3mm
  • RELIFE, just do my own reality.
  • All product ingredients are rigorously tested and all data is true and valid.
  • Select high-quality raw materials, in color bright, and solder joints are full.
  • Full name net weight, no false.
  • Including soldering rosin for better soldering effect.
  • Medium temperature melting point, widely used for maintenance work such as mobile phone repair.

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Relife RL-007GA Dot Repairing Soldering Lug

RELIFE RL-007GA Dot Repairing Soldering Lug Piece Flying Line Fast Direct Patching Repair Tools For Welding Plates Various Sizes

Relife RL-007GA Dot-Repairing Soldering Lug replaces the traditional jumping wire, For Fixing the Soldering Spot on Phone Welding Plates. RL-007GA Enhanced Version Solder Piece For Repair Welding, Replace the traditional circling of jump wire to fill the missing solder joint, restore to the original pad and without trace.

Product Details:

  • No looping repair spot welding slice, fast patching
  • 10 styles and 1400 PCs point, Suitable for mobile phone pads of different sizes
  • Feature:
  • Fixed pin of pad : the pads are reinforced with fixed pins and will never fall off.
  • Ultra-thin experience: it adopts industrial-grade printed circuit board copper foil with a thickness of 30um
  • Strong bond: The connection joint with the circuit is firm, and can fixed the green oil well.(UV curing solder mask ink)
  • Good flatness: good flatness, which can prevent pseudo soldering effectively caused by unevenness.
  • Save time and energy: it saves time and effort and no need to circle during jumping wire so the repair efficiency is relatively high.
  • Stable welding: The BGA bonding surface has high saturation, stable electrical ¬†performance, good welding strength, and it is not easy to drop off and unsoldering
  • Applicable:
  • Applicable for dot-faded soldering pad with various shapes and models of soldering lugApplicable for beauty the pad with seamless repairingUse:

    Effect After Repairing

    Curling the wires to make jumper wires is no longer needed. After pads soldering, the double-layered motherboard can be installed to the testing fixture or recombined directly. Repair efficiency will be tremendously increased

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
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